Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh shucks!

so i went to the relay and everything was going fine then came a dark cloud and it was moving pretty fast! and i just was thinking one thing uh oh this can't be good. so me and my grandpa went to go get some sloppy Joe's then when you was almost finished eating it just started to down pour it lasted about 15 minutes and me and my friend were just both thinking a years worth of working destroyed in just 15 minutes and it was just totally destroyed the luminary bags were all wet and soggy a couple tents were flooded and well almost flipped over so we had to call of the relay and we just had started to have fun...

I wish i had some photos but i don't it was a horrible sight to see all the luminary's destroyed us having to shut down the relay it was just horrible

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~Tom~ said...

Despite it not working out, you should still be proud of the work you put into it. I saw pictures of the luminary that you and your mom made. Awesome job!