Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Store!

As you probably know I opened a button store quite a while ago but now I have so much more than I did before so make sure you come and check in on my store every second of every minute of every day well maybe not that but at least once a week.The site namehttp://buttonsandmore4u.ecrater.com/ so check it out!


~Tom~ said...

Every second of every minute? That is going to take an awful lot of coffee for me. I have looked at your store. I hope it does well. Do you make custom buttons? I might be interested in having you make up a nice Jimmie Johnson button and having you pin it onto your mom's coat when she is not looking.

Devin said...

Yes I can make custom buttons my mom is making me make a Tony Stewart one and send it to you.hehe.On a serious note yes I can make you a custom button would that be with or without a beard on Jimmy.