Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm sure that you have all read my moms blog and heard about my accident with the scar on my head now well she told you her point of view now I will tell you mine. Okay so first I was over at my friends house (Maddux)and we were doing what we called obstacle courses he had a swing set so what we did is we would put some of the swings higher than the others and we would put his rings higher and we made one swing high the rings low and the other swing the highest then you had to get onto a bar on the bottom of the swing set then jump to the concrete my friend maddux tried 7 times but couldn't get it so I said I want to tried and i did it well i got to the bar at least after the bar there used to be a teeter totter and it used to hang by a hook well the teeter totter fell but the hook didn't and I normally duck when I jump but i got so excited that I forgot to duck and hit my head on the hook it cracked my head open I didn't know until my friend Maddux's sister Allyne said she thought she saw blood so I lifted my hand just to a red hand and my head was turning red because of all the blood and the next thing I heard was Allyne saying "OH my god,Oh my god,I'll go get my mom"well the first thing I was thinking was I have to get to my mom so I ran home which then got my heart pumping more blood through my body which then made me bleed even more and when I stepped inside my face completely covered in blood I yell "MOM" I'm bleeding from my head She comes rushing in then she says Oh my god what happened and my friend completely panic struck just starts saying gibberish and once we got all the blood cleaned off my friends mom Julie came in luckily she is a nurse she looked at it and said it would be fine i could get stitches if I really wanted to but then they would have to cut off my hair and no way that was happening she said if it were her kids she wouldn't bother getting stitches. so after that mess was over this was what I am left with...


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

sorry the pic is blurry....I took it with my cell phone to send it off to Devs brothers who are both in college....of course they'd think something like this was cool and needed to be shared!!!! It was a very horrible experience one I hope we NEVER have to go thru again!!!!! But almost a week later its not so bad anymore..thank goodness!!!! NOW STOP DOING STUNTS!!!!!! heheh I love you!!!

RileyScott said...

I had the "Hand of blood" experience too Devin.

I had slipped and hit the back of my head on a pinic bench. I was holding my hand over it cause it hurt, but when I thought I was ok, and I took my hand away, all i saw was red.

Interesting pre-script to this story was that my mom had told me just that day that I was to walk around to the front if I needed to come in, because the back door had been warped and opening it was a pain. So "Unless it was an emergency" do not knock on the back door. Well, i figured bleeding from my head qualified, so i start pounding it! I just hear my Mom scream "GO AROUND!". So i go around the gate, head still bleeding. I open the front door, and Mom is there with her comforting words. "I told you not to knock on the back door unless it was important, what's so important!?"

I showed her my hand

"What's that from?"


Also interesting, while I was at the hospital, the friend who I had been playing with, and had gone home after my injury ended up at the same hospital emergency room as me after getting his leg cut open by a stick which was thrown at him as a joke.

The Lesson? if your a boy, at some point you'll get a serious injury, it's human male nature

Sorry Dena

~Tom~ said...

Oooh that looks nasty! Glad you are okay.

Sally's World said...

wow, that looks sore...my son is stunt mad, he adds a new grey hair every day LOL! stay safe, for the sake of your mums sanity!!! xxx

Cheryl said...

Ewwww...ouch! My husband gashed his head open about 7 years ago...they used staples on his wound, but they didn't have to shave his head (thank goodness). Hope you're feeling better! And I agree with your mom....stop doing stunts! LOL