Friday, April 10, 2009

The Race

First I will tell you right now that one of my Buddy's love Jeff Gordan so when I went to the race and saw him win I was kind of disappointed and when I got home they were talking about how Jeff Gordan won and I just told them that it was the fact of just being there and felling it.And sometime I will get some pictures to show you.And probably some videos!


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

you are right was the feeling of being there not so much who was awesome and cant wait til we get to do it again!!!

~Tom~ said...

I have never been to a NASCAR race, so you are one up on me. I am jealous. I did go to the Winston Series races a lot when I was a kid. We had a small 1/2 mile track here locally. I enjoyed the figure 8 races and the demolition derby the best. My parents actually met at a race track. My dad was a tow-truck driver and my mom actually organized and raced in the very first demolition derby for women. I hope to get to see your pictures.